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Fix Missing Teeth in Rockwall, TX

Dental Implants vs. Dentures in Dallas and Rockwall, TX
People often do not realize how important it is to replace missing teeth as soon as possible. A single missing tooth can trigger a domino effect that impacts other healthy teeth and can place strain upon some areas of the mouth. Dr. Frederick Olden offers dental implants as a treatment option for replacing missing teeth, and may recommend implants as part of your treatment plan.

Statistics tell us that by the time American adults reach the age of 44, nearly 70 percent have lost at least one tooth. The loss may be a result of tooth decay, some type of trauma, or periodontal disease. In the United States, an estimated 178 million people are missing at least one tooth. As the rate of periodontal disease continues to increase, this number is expected to rise over the next 20 years. It is therefore critical to seek treatment for replacing missing teeth as soon as possible.

Effects of Missing Teeth

Dr. Olden can explain the domino effect associated with missing teeth when you come in for your oral exam. It is important to understand that your teeth work together as a unit, so losing one tooth can affect others. Adjacent teeth can start to shift and you may experience the effects of misalignment resulting from a single or several missing teeth.

More severe complications can occur when the domino effect leads to losing multiple teeth:

1. Poor chewing abilities - Impaired mastication is one of the common side effects of having missing teeth. When you are unable to eat your favorite foods with ease, you may end up limiting your diet to only soft foods and compromise your nutrition. This can lead to weight loss, constipation, indigestion, and even rheumatism.
2. Bone loss - The underlying bone of a missing tooth will deteriorate without this supportive structure in place. If you do not seek treatment for replacing missing teeth, you may experience significant bone loss.
3. Facial collapse - When the teeth start to wear down and there is additional strain caused by missing teeth, the vertical height of your face can collapse. Your chin may end up shifting towards your nose and the lips can form a downward crease at the corners of the mouth.

Even though a missing tooth does not initially affect the appearance of your smile, the domino effect can take its toll on your smile and overall facial appearance. Bone loss can make your face have a “sunken in’” appearance because your lips, tongue, and cheeks are no longer stabilized by the same level of support.

Replacing missing teeth with dental implants can help you maintain a beautiful smile and improve the overall function of your mouth and teeth as you age. If you are looking for a specialist that provides dental implants in Rockwall, TX, set up your consultation with Dr. Olden today!

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