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Dangers of Gum Disease in Rockwall, TX

Dangers of Gum Disease Dallas and Rockwall, TX

If you have gum disease, there are millions of germs living in your mouth. Bacteria can enter directly into your bloodstream through the small open wounds present around your teeth and gums. Some bacteria can end up relocating to other parts of your body and have the potential to create disease in different organs and systems.

While there is still a lot of research being done to determine whether a definitive link exists between periodontal disease and systemic illnesses, there is a significant amount of research that shows a link between gum disease and health problems such as heart disease, kidney disease, diabetes, and respiratory disease. Even gum recession causes can be linked to progressing gum disease. Our Highland Park periodontist can create an effective treatment plan to address gum disease and gum recession.

Understanding Gum Recession Causes and Gum Disease

Dr. Frederick Olden, a Highland Park periodontist, treats patients that have been diagnosed with gum disease and can discuss the key gum recession causes during your consultation. Receding gums are just one of the many symptoms of gum disease. When an excessive amount of plaque builds up around the teeth and bacteria accumulate beneath your gum line, the gums can start to pull back and recede. Once gums recede, they cannot grow back, so some form of treatment may be necessary to restore your natural gum line.

Gum disease is also the leading cause of tooth loss for the majority of adults in the United States, but missing teeth is not the only danger of the disease. When you have an active infection in your mouth that is releasing toxins through your blood vessels, you may suffer from systemic illnesses and a number of health related problems. This is why practicing good oral hygiene is so important. Reducing your risk of developing periodontal disease can have a big impact on your overall health!

Are you looking for a Highland Park periodontist for gum disease treatment? Learn more about gum recession causes and periodontal disease treatment options by scheduling your appointment with Dr. Olden today!

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