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Loose Teeth

If you have loose or missing teeth, consider it to be a sign of a significant oral health problem. When teeth are moving or shifting easily, it may mean that you are in the advanced stages of gum disease and need treatment right away. Many adults with missing teeth are good candidates for gum surgery and other procedures that can improve their oral health. Dr. Frederick Olden can provide more information about missing teeth treatment options and answer questions such as, “What is gum surgery?” and, “Is gum surgery right for me?”

What is Gum Surgery and Do I Need It?

For many people with loose teeth resulting from progressing periodontal disease, gum surgery can offer a number of benefits. When teeth have become loose or are lost completely, some gum recession may occur around surrounding teeth. Gum surgery can help to restore lost gum tissue and improve your smile.

Signs and Symptoms of Loose Teeth

Some of the warning signs and symptoms of loose teeth include:

• Inflamed gums
• Sore gums
• Bleeding gums
• Pus around a tooth
• Food getting stuck between teeth
• Gum recession

Several of these signs are also indicative of an active infection in the mouth and may be symptoms of the early stages of gum disease. Fortunately, the early stage of gum disease is reversible and Dr. Olden can create a treatment plan to eradicate the infection completely.

Loose Teeth Treatment Options

Loose teeth can be prevented with good oral hygiene and by eating a well-balanced diet. Staying healthy can boost your immune system so you end up keeping infections and diseases at bay. Dr. Olden offers a number of treatment options and therapies for loose teeth, including:

• Deep Cleaning
• Antibiotic Therapy
• Gingival Grafts
• Bone Grafts
• Extractions
• Tooth Replacement Procedures

Adults with missing teeth may benefit from a combination of treatment options and a dental implant procedure to restore lost teeth.

Are you wondering, “What is gum surgery?” Talk with Dr. Olden today to find out what types of treatment options are available for adults with missing teeth, loose teeth, and periodontal disease.

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